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Professional Grade Air Duster, 400ml HFC Free Aerosol
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Quiet PC Professional Grade Air Duster, 400ml HFC Free Aerosol

- Replaces the Nexus CA-4000 Professional Grade Air Duster, 400ml

This professional grade air-duster is extremely powerful and has been designed to remove any build-up of dust inside a PC chassis or other confined space.

Yes, we really are selling cans of air! This pro-grade air duster is extremely powerful and has been designed to remove any build-up of dust inside a PC chassis. Just watch as it instantly transforms your PC components back to their original form - you'd think they were new again!


  1. Powerful PC dust and grime remover
  2. Instantly and safely cleans PC internals, circuit boards and peripherals
  3. Can improve reliability and ease of maintenance
  4. Large long-lasting 400ml can with included extension tube
  5. 100% ozone-friendly

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure target components are fully powered off before using. Hold can upright when spraying and do not tilt can more then 40° from the horizontal during the spraying operation. Use in short bursts only and do not shake the can. The expelled air can be very cold so avoid contact with skin. Do not spray at people or animals.

If the can becomes uncomfortably cold during use, leave it at room temperature for around 15-30 minutes before continuing. If cold expelled air causes condensation on target objects, ensure that the moisture is fully evaporated before powering electrical components back on. We recommend that air dusting is carried out in an open space (preferably outside) so that the blown dust is safely blown away from the immediate working area.

PLEASE NOTE: We regret that this product is not available to customers outside the UK due to restrictions on air transportation of aerosols.

SpecificationsAir Duster
Aerosol dimensions 68 x 197mm (diameter x height)
Weight332 g
Quantity400 ml
EnvironmentalHFC free
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode5018206240293

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