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Terreno Breeze Z4

Quiet PC Terreno Breeze Z4

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Terra Graphite, Mini-ITX Compact PC Case


More Details£179.90
More Details£180.10
More Details£181.70
A620I AX WIFI AM5 ITX Motherboard (DDR5)


More Details£163.00
Ryzen 5 7600 3.8GHz 6C/12T 65W 32MB Cache AM5 CPU


More Details£193.90
More Details£213.00
More Details£305.20
More Details£311.60
More Details£371.50
More Details£391.30
More Details£520.70
Vengeance DDR5 16GB (2x8GB) 5200MHz Memory


More Details£64.40
More Details£107.60
More Details£195.30
NH-L12S Low Profile High Performance CPU Cooler

CPU cooler

More Details£59.95

Thermal Compound Upgrade

Choose an option below and we will use the selected thermal compound wherever it is required. Alternatively leave none selected and we will apply the thermal paste supplied.

More Details£8.80
More Details£11.95

Graphics card

To help configure the PC correctly, in brackets after every graphics card you’ll see its width (in slots) and the minimum wattage power supply.

More Details£72.30
More Details£74.90
More Details£129.20
More Details£172.80
More Details£239.40
More Details£288.20
More Details£381.40
More Details£406.40
More Details£406.90
More Details£547.70
More Details£601.00
More Details£628.00
Dagger Pro 650W SFX Semi-Fanless Modular PSU

Power supply

More Details£124.90
More Details£145.00
More Details£158.20
IEC C13 UK Mains Power Cord, 1.8m (Type G)

Mains cord

Please note, we are only able to supply UK or EU mains cords. If you reside outside of the UK or EU, you will need to supply your own cable.

More Details£5.30
More Details£5.30
More Details£5.30

M.2 drive

The figures in brackets show the read and write speeds (in MB/s) of the drive.

More Details£115.70
More Details£188.10
More Details£322.70
More Details£939.00

Data drive

Please note, selecting a HDD will generate some noise as they contain moving parts. Choose an SSD for total silence.

More Details£49.20
More Details£73.00
More Details£86.40
More Details£119.70
More Details£132.50
More Details£148.79
More Details£283.19
More Details£492.20

External USB optical drive

More Details£40.90
More Details£41.20
Windows 11 Home 64-bit OEM DVD

Operating system

More Details£115.20
More Details£148.20
Windows Backup 32GB Pendrive - restores to factory defaults


If purchasing Windows select “Use Microsoft DVD media” to receive a DVD of the Windows OS only. The “Backup Pendrive” provides an image of your system which includes drivers for the PC (highly recommended). Instructions here. Please note, that a pendrive can only be purchased along with a copy of Windows. It is not available separately.

More Details£15.00

Windows anti-malware software

More Details£19.99

Windows Internet security software


Office software suite

Please note; that when purchasing an office suite it will not be installed on the PC. You will need to download and install it from A product key will be supplied with the PC to allow you to activate the software.

More Details£124.20
More Details£208.30



Wi-Fi / Bluetooth


Keyboard and mouse set

More Details£15.60
More Details£21.70
More Details£24.60
More Details£29.20
More Details£39.40
More Details£39.98
More Details£58.10




More Details£8.60
More Details£12.95

External USB hard drive

More Details£47.99
More Details£68.60
More Details£100.50

Main monitor

More Details£71.30
More Details£87.30
More Details£104.60
More Details£186.80
More Details£190.00
More Details£198.70
More Details£262.70
More Details£358.70

Second monitor

More Details£186.80
More Details£190.00
More Details£198.70
More Details£262.70
More Details£358.70


More Details£62.00
Free Silver Warranty (2 years labour and parts)



Express build

If you need your PC quickly then we have a faster build option which you can select below.

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