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Speed and Patience

I bought my PC from Quietpc about 4 years ago (and wrote a 5 star review then). I have just purchased from them a 512GB SSD... (19th February 2018 via Trustpilot)
Bundle FC5OD Silver Chassis and nano160 160W PSU
2 in stock
Was £316.56
Bundle FC5OD Black Chassis and nano160 160W PSU
1 in stock
Was £316.56
Bundle FC5WS Silver Chassis and nano160 160W PSU
2 in stock
Was £304.01
(1 customer rating)
Bundle FC5WS Black Chassis and nano160 160W PSU
2 in stock
Was £304.01
(1 customer rating / 1 review)

Streacom FC5 ALPHA and PSU Bundles

Save time and money with the FC5 and nano160 160W PSU bundle!

For your convenience we now supply Streacom's FC5 chassis with the nano160 160W power supply at a reduced cost. The two products are perfect together and are an excellent place to start when building a totally silent PC for virtually any use.


  1. Chassis and PSU bundle
  2. Save money based on individual product cost
  3. Guaranteed to be compatible

Please note: Please visit each product page for the FC5 and the nano160 to find out further information about these products.

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We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

We haven't received any reviews of this product yet.

Absolutely silent


I've built quiet PC's before but this was my first attempt at a totally silent PC and it works just as advertised.

I teamed up the Streacom FC5 and nano160 psu with an AMD 5370, Asrock AM1b motherboard and a Corsiar 60GB ssd running Linux Mint Debian edition. All of my media files are held on a server which sits in the study.

There were only a couple of moments that required a bit of thought:

The first was fitting the cpu heatpipes. As the manual suggested I did a dry fit first and at one point I thought I was going to need several more hands to hold everything in place while I tightened all the screws. In the end I found that fitting the pipes to the apu and then tightening those four screws made the other bits easier.

The other slight gotcha was that the apu heatsink bracket arms protruded over one of the memory slots. I was only fitting a single memory stick so it wasn't really a problem. If I'd wanted to fit two sticks I could have cut a small amount off of the two arms in question.

The HTPC will be running for the next few days and logging some temperature readings, it's currently showing 46C which is quite acceptable.

I'd classify this build as a resounding success.


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