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Banana for scale

You may have come across some images on our website that state “Banana for scale”. The reason we do this is to give you some indication of the actual real life size of the product you are viewing. The banana pictured is the same banana in every image, but if you are wondering why it has not turned black over time then you’ll be happy to know we use a plastic banana. Using a plastic banana not only makes it last forever, but also gives consistency in regards to the size comparison of the banana and the product it is pictured with and as you will be aware bananas do come in very different sizes!

Below is the banana we use in the images next to a ruler to give you an indication of its actual size. Its length is approximately 20cm (7.8”).

No bananas were eaten during the making of this informational webpage.
No bananas were eaten during the making of this informational webpage.

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